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Bicycle & Pedestrian Education Series

CDTC’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Task Force continues to be very active. The Task Force deals with issues ranging from public education to facility planning. The members provide technical guidance on Community and Transportation Linkage Program projects and other bicycle and pedestrian related projects throughout the region.

The organizations that are presently represented on the Task Force include: local municipalities, NYS Department of Transportation, NYS Department of Health, Guilderland Pathways Committee, Saratoga County Heritage Trails Committee, CDTA, Hudson River Valley Greenway, the New York Bicycling Coalition and the Mohawk Hudson Cycling Club among others. Other organizations or interested private citizens are encouraged to join the task force to raise their concerns regarding bicycling and walking in the Capital District.

Current Projects include (but are not limited to):

FHWA, GTSC, and the Institute for Traffic Management and Research (ITSMR) joined forces to propose that a group be formed to tour U.S. cities to understand state-of-the-practice safety programs and projects that could better inform New York officials on the best means to improve pedestrian safety. Research identified a number of cities with innovative safety projects or programs. From this list the team chose cities that had winter weather conditions, such as freezing rain, snow, and ice, similar to that of New York. Cities selected on this basis ranging in size from village/small city to large urban area included: Portland, Maine; Durham, New Hampshire; Cambridge, Massachusetts; Seattle, Washington; and Portland, Oregon. New York City was added to the tour as a model for its use of quantifiable before-and-after crash statistics to evaluate the success of pedestrian safety initiatives. A report entitled FHWA Domestic Pedestrian Safety Tour was the product of this effort.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force meets monthly at the CDTC offices at One Park Place (off Wolf Road). Anyone interested in cycling or pedestrian issues is welcome to attend. Please contact Jason Purvis of the CDTC staff at 458-2161 for more information regarding the Task Force.

Recent and upcoming Task Force meetings open to the public:

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