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Planning Committee

The Planning Committee has the delegated authority from the Policy Board to develop recommendations about transportation policies, plans, and programs and is largely composed of Policy Board member staff. For example, Mayors serve on the Policy Board while city engineers or planning directors serve on the Planning Committee. The Planning Committee has also been delegated the authority to approve small-scale changes to the Transportation Council's planning work program (UPWP) or to the Transportation Improvement Program.

Planning Committee meetings are open to the public.

To register to speak and/ or to request auxiliary aids or services and reasonable accommodations please contact us at: (518) 458-2161 or Request for aids, services, or reasonable accommodations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Meetings are broadcasted live, recorded and made available on our YouTube channel



Steve Iachetta
Albany County Airport Authority
Vice Chair
Steve Feeney
Schenectady County
Michael V. Franchini
CDTC Executive Director


View Planning Committee Members (as of February 2021)

Meeting - February 03, 2021

    1. Introduction
    2. Visitors' Issues
    3. Administration
      1. Draft January 6, 2021 minutes
      2. Presentation - CDTA's River Corridor BRT Construction

        The video of this meeting will be available via YouTube Live on CDTC’s YouTube channel

        Meeting Transcript
    Action Items
    1. Fiscal Constraint Discussion - TIP Summary Table 4
    2. 2019-24 TIP Proposed Amendments:
      1. R341 1528.88, I-90 Exit 10.5 (at Kraft Road) to NYS Thruway: Pavement Corrective Maintenance
      2. R342, 1528.87, I-90 Hudson River to Exit 10.5 (at Kraft Road): Pavement Corrective Maintenance
    3. Final Public Participation Plan Update & Approval
    4. 2021-2022 Linkage Program Applications & Recommendations
    5. 2020-22 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) Amendments
      1. 2021-2022 Budget Carryovers
      2. Task 2.30.2 Highway Condition Inventory City of Albany
      3. Task 4.21 Freight Planning
      4. Task 4.30 Smart Communities
      5. Task 6.13 Transit Planning
    Discussion Items
    1. TIP Application & Evaluation Update
    2. CDTC Project Delivery Update
    3. NYSDOT Project Delivery Schedule: Draft Local & Draft State
    4. Status of CDTC Planning Activities
    5. Status of Planning Activities
      1. CDRPC
      2. CDTA
      3. NYSDOT
      4. NYSTA
      5. Albany County Airport Authority
      6. Albany Port District Commission
      7. Local Planning Activities
    6. Upcoming Meetings/Events
      1. February 9 - Bike/Ped Advisory Committee
      2. February 11 - Regional Operations and Safety Advisory Committee
      3. February 16 - New Visions Virtual Learning Series Webinar: Aging & Mobility: How can a transportation system adapt for a population of aging adults?
      4. February 17 - Freight Advisory Committee
      5. March 4 - Policy Board

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NOTE: Meeting materials available on this website may not include all materials included in the meeting e-packet, such as letters from other agencies and brochures. There may also be materials not available until the meeting, such as handouts and audio-visual presentations.