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Planning Committee

The Planning Committee has the delegated authority from the Policy Board to develop recommendations about transportation policies, plans, and programs and is largely composed of Policy Board member staff. For example, Mayors serve on the Policy Board while city engineers or planning directors serve on the Planning Committee. The Planning Committee has also been delegated the authority to approve small-scale changes to the Transportation Council's planning work program (UPWP) or to the Transportation Improvement Program.

Planning Committee meetings are open to the public.

To register to speak and/ or to request auxiliary aids or services and reasonable accommodations please contact us at: (518) 458-2161 or Request for aids, services, or reasonable accommodations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Meetings are broadcasted live, recorded and made available on our YouTube channel



Steve Iachetta
Albany County Airport Authority
Steve Feeney
Schenectady County
Sandra Misiewicz, AICP
CDTC Executive Director


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Meeting - April 27, 2022

    Action Items

    Based on comments received at the 4/20/22 Planning Committee meeting CDTC staff has developed a fourth proposed programming scenario that incorporates all projects that were proposed to be funded in all three of the previously presented scenarios.

    Please note that the fourth proposed programming scenario represents the following:

    • Funding of the CDTA BRT Set-aside and NYSDOT Multi-Site Program projects as approved on 4/20/22
    • Funding all projects that were included on all 3 proposed scenarios from the 4/20/22 Planning Committee meeting (NYSDOT-Proposed scenario, CDTC Evaluation-based scenario, and CDTC Balanced scenario
    • Candidate project factsheets and summary tables presented at the April 20th meeting are still current, along with information relating to the NYSDOT and CDTA Multi-Site Projects and Programs. Please refer to the April 20th meeting page to access these documents.
    • In response to the Planning Committee’s question regarding local and state funding programmed during the last TIP update (2019-2024 TIP), CDTC prepared this Programmed Projects Summary document.
    • At the August 4th, 2021 Planning Committee meeting, the committee agreed to show a table of bonus points for bridge projects proposed by NYSDOT as an appendix to the TIP. The proposed bonus points are summarized in this table of bonus points for bridge projects.


    Please note that this is scenario is presented for discussion purposes only and does not commit funding to any site-specific projects

    Discussion Items

    Meeting Handout - Albany County

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