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CDTC Reopening Statement 

May 17, 2021 Update - CDTC's office is open Monday through Thursday at 50% capacity, closed on Friday. Visitors are required to wear a face mask within our office building at all times. Staff will continue to work at home when not in the office. If you have any questions, contact us by email and stay tuned for updates.

How is CDTC Adapting?

NYS COVID-19 Guidance

COVID-19 Mobility Response & Recovery

Open Streets in the Capital District
  • CDTA has returned to normal boarding procedures including front door boarding and fare collection.
  • All people onboard any CDTA vehicle or visiting any CDTA-owned facility are required to wear a mask/face covering.
  • CDTA's Blue Line River Corridor Bus Rapid Transit System opened for service. 
  • Bus route schedules continue to be adjusted as service resumes throughout the system. Learn more on CDTA's Routes and Schedules Webpage.
  • CDTA's FLEX On Demand service moved into a payment pilot on October 26, 2020. Fares may be paid through the Navigator smart card or mobile app, $3 per trip or $25 for 10 trips.
  • Visit Federal Transit Administration's COVID-19 resource page for more information on the federal response.
Carpooling Best Practices

The CDC has released guidance for rideshare, taxi, limo, and other passenger drivers-for-hire. If you need to or are thinking about using Uber and Lyft, read to learn what precautions your driver should be taking to increase safety.

Carpool groups should discuss and agree on COVID-19 practices that everyone in the group will follow. Best practices include:

  • Wear a mask while riding in the car.
  • Wash your hands before and after riding in the car.
  • Establish consistent carpooling partners as much as possible, rather than frequently changing arrangements.
  • Do not carpool for 14 days after exposure to someone with COVID-19, even if you are permitted to work during the incubation period.
  • Monitor yourself for symptoms of illness and do not carpool or go to work if you feel unwell.
  • Clean the car frequently focusing on touch points such as the door handles, rearview mirror, seatbelt buckles, cup holders, etc.
  • Have tissues and hand sanitizer available.
  • New research suggests that the best way to protect yourself and encourage proper ventilation is to sit in the backseat on one side of the car with the window closed, and open the other window in the back across from you.

Other Transportation Information

  • Local governments are resuming metered parking and parking fees. Check with your local government for updates on local parking and transportation policy changes. 
  • CDPHP Cycle! opened for the season on April 5, 2021.
  • Wear a mask or face covering when using crowded sidewalks and trails. Keep 6 feet of distance between you and other pedestrians, runners, and bicyclists on the trail. Visit CDTC's maps webpage for trail maps.
  • Capital CarShare ceased operations as of December 31, 2020. 

For regional and interstate travel, visit the following webpages for up to date information:

County COVID-19 Resources

Resources for Local Governments & Businesses in the Capital Region

Data: Measuring Impact of COVID-19