ANNOUNCEMENT! As of June 1, 2023, we are now the Capital Region Transportation Council.    Learn more

The Transportation Council has a number of policy documents and regional plans that are required under federal law or were developed at the request of the Transportation Council's member agencies through the Unified Planning Work Program. Downloads are available in PDF format. If you have questions or comments, need information in another language or in a more accessibile format, contact us at or call 518-458-2161. 

Major Transportation Council Products

2020 Transportation Council (formerly CDTC) Certification Review
Regional (Metropolitan) Transportation Plan 

 New Visions 2050 - Adopted September 2020

 Executive Summary

2022-2027 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

 TIP Document and Project Listings

Unified Planning Work Program

 2023-2024 UPWP (adopted March 7, 2023)


Transportation Council Planning Studies

Community Plans & Complete Streets:

  Complete Streets Design Guide (2023)

 Linkage Program - Final Reports

  NY 5 Access Management Plan (2009)

NY 5 Corridor Plan (2001)

 Final Report
 Executive Summary
 NY 5 Corridor Plan Website

Freight/Goods Movement:

 Regional Freight & Goods Movement Plan (2016):

 Executive Summary
 Final Report

  South Pearl Street Heavy Vehicle Travel Pattern Study (2018)


 Hudson River Crossings Study (2008)

 I-87/ US 9 Integrated Corridor Management Plan (2015)

I-787/Hudson Waterfront Corridor Study (2018):

 Final Report

 Locally Owned Bridge Preservation Report (2015) 

        Identification of Bridge Preservation Candidates, Treatments,
       and Costs for Locally owned Capital District Bridges (2021)

Saratoga County Regional Traffic Study (2016):

 Executive Summary
 Final Report


 Capital District Trails Plan (2019)


 Capital Region Bus Lane Feasibility Study (2023)


 Local Road Safety Action Plan (2019)

Smart Communities/Sustainability

  Capital District Zero Emission Vehicle Plan (2020)

  Municipal Smart City Street Light Conversion & Evolving Technology Guidebook (2020)