New Visions Regional Transportation Plan

What is New Visions 2050?

New Visions is the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for the Capital Region, articulating a shared vision for the future transportation system. New Visions, which is also known as the long-range regional transportation plan, includes a set of principles, strategies, and budgetary priorities that guide regional investment in the next-generation transportation system.

The plan is developed collaboratively with communities throughout the Region and with other local, state, and federal agencies. The Transportation Council‚Äôs approach to transportation planning is comprehensive and holistic ‚Äď a structured balance between actions that reduce congestion and improve safety, increase access to transportation choices like transit, walking, or bicycling, and benefit economic development efforts.

Why do we have a Transportation Plan?

As the MPO for the Capital Region, the Transportation Council is required to maintain an MTP to receive federal transportation funding to improve, maintain, and operate highways, public transit, trails and bike paths, sidewalks, and related facilities. The MTP is updated every five years and transportation projects must be consistent with New Visions principles to be eligible for federal funds.

New Visions 2050 Planning & Investment Principles

1  Invest in a Quality Region
 2  Support economic development
 3  Make investments regionally equitable
 4  Preserve and manage the transportation system
 5  Maintain travel reliability
 6  Invest in safety
 7  Invest in security
 8  Invest in Complete Streets
 9  Encourage bicycle and pedestrian travel
10  Move freight efficiently
11  Invest in transit
12  Provide essential mobility for all
13  Prioritize affordable and convenient travel options
14  Preserve the environment
15  Leverage technology

New Visions Learning Webinar Series

The New Visions Learning Webinar Series includes local government training and webinars geared towards planners, engineers, and other transportation professionals.

Past Recordings

The New Visions 2050 Plan

New Visions 2050 is comprised of an Executive Summary, subject matter chapters including a financial plan, a summary of the public participation process and additional reference documents. Read the Executive Summary for an overview of the plan.

Executive Summary (adopted September 2020)

The Draft New Visions 2050 Plan was approved to be released for public comment in early March 2020. Shortly after, New York State on Pause was implemented in response to the global coronavirus pandemic. This unexpected event resulted in a shift to a mainly online public outreach strategy. All scheduled in-person meetings and events were canceled and CDTC staff developed a number of web-based tools and strategies to collect public feedback. These changes are described in the documents below.

Public Participation Plan 

Public Feedback Summary 

Meeting-in-a-Box (MIAB) was developed to provide an opportunity for individuals to host their own meetings. Below are all the materials made available:

MIAB Guidelines

MIAB Checklist 

Dialogue Guide 

Funding Poll

Survey Workbook 

Teen/Youth Survey Workbook 

Kids Activity Book 

Regional Maps Packet