What Does New Visions Say About Big Ticket Items?

The Plan calls for consideration of potential “big ticket” initiatives. These initiatives would be supported by higher growth scenarios, yet they could be pursued with trend growth as well. Funding is not identified, yet the plan puts forward the vision of bold investments that could be feasible if the public supports the vision and funding can be found.

The Plan is cautious, because it does not commit to major system redesign or dramatic new services without the funds to support them. The “big ticket” initiatives also represent a creative approach, because the plan empowers CDTC members and others to continually explore big ideas. This innovative approach ensures that the Capital District maintains vision during periods of financial constraint.

The big ticket initiatives represent an investment tool that will help manage growth in a way that will sustain the Capital District as a quality region. Investments in the big ticket initiatives can catalyze a more concentrated development pattern under any growth scenario. The caveat is that the big ticket initiatives are currently unfunded, and by themselves will not induce high growth.

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