What Does New Visions Say About Traffic Congestion?

The Plan incorporates the CDTC “Congestion Management Process” (CMP). The CMP recognizes that congestion is worst in the AM and PM peaks; and that the most unbearable congestion is related to incidents, especially on the expressway system. An accident during rush hour on the Northway can back up traffic for hours. The CMP calls for an emphasis on managing congestion—rapid clearing of incidents, information for travelers to avoid incidents, and taking advantage of technology (Intelligent Transportation Systems) including signal timing and coordination. The CMP also relies on travel demand management and encourages transit, pedestrian and bicycle travel. The Plan identifies the future option of managed lanes on the expressway system. An example of a managed lane could be a “HOT” lane on the Northway—a premium service lane that allows carpoolers for free, other drivers for a toll, and allows transit service to bypass congestion. A HOT lane is identified as one of the unfunded “big ticket initiatives” in the Plan.

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