What Does New Visions Say About Road and Bridge Conditions?

As stated in the New Visions principles, the highest priority of the New Visions Transportation Plan is to maintain the Capital District's existing infrastructure. The majority of this infrastructure is in the form of roads and bridges.

In order to help properly maintain these assets, CDTC conducts regular surveys of the condition of Capital District roads. Together with similar surveys conducted by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), and some local municipalities, they help form a complete survey of the condition of all roads in the Capital District. In addition, NYSDOT conducts regular condition inspections of all of the area's bridges.

Furthermore, even though the majority of the federal funding in the Capital District is spent on the preservation of roads and bridges, these assets are under-funded according to the New Visions plan for both maintaining current conditions and for improving the areas road and bridge systems.

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