What Does New Visions Say About Uncertainty About the Future?

History has shown that it is difficult to forecast future conditions accurately.  Changes in technology often make rapid inroads into daily life (cell phones and computers, for example).  Political events are also difficult to anticipate and the climate, petroleum supplies and the global economy may be changing in ways that are also hard to predict.  

Over the years, CDTC has modified its practices to incorporate uncertainty.  It was a central force in organizing a national “Colloquy on the Coming Transformation of Travel” and has embraced recommendations from the Colloquy.  The New Visions plan downplays the use of specific future traffic forecasts and focuses more on creating flexibility and reliability in the system.  New Visions 2030 also steers clear of making project-level commitments to projects 15 and 20 years away, concentrating instead on near term projects and long-term vision and resources.  This approach can best be described as a “sustainable” approach – one that meets current needs and preserves options for future decision-makers.

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