Accessibility Statement

Transportation Council Website Accessibility

The Capital Region Transportation Council intends to give everyone a voice in the transportation planning process regardless of their ability or technical knowhow, but we are not perfect! If you find anything on this website difficult to use please let us know by emailing

To help us get to the bottom of your difficulty, it would help us if you provide the information advised in ‘¬†Contacting Organizations about Inaccessible Websites(External link)¬†‘ in your request (especially as outlined in the section ‘Describe the Problem(External link)‘ ).

At a minimum, please try to include the following information in your email to us:

  • The URL for the page you are having problems accessing.
  • Details about what you were trying to do, and why it was difficult or impossible to do it.
  • Details about your computer and software. If you don’t know, maybe a friend, relative, or colleague can help you. If not, you can skip this part. Include:
    • the¬†operating system¬†you are using, and the version; for example, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, or Linux Ubuntu 9.10
    • the¬†browser¬†software you use to view the Web, and the version; for example, Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11), Firefox 3.5, Chrome, Opera 10, Safari 4.0.4, etc.
  • If it is related to the problem you are experiencing, also include:
    • any¬†settings¬†you have customized; for example, I set the Font Size to Largest in my browser
    • any¬†assistive technology¬†that you use; for example, screen reader, screen magnification software, voice recognition software for input

All constructive feedback regarding the accessibility or usability of this website is very welcome and will be carefully considered.

Accessibility Tips

In addition to the steps we have taken to make the software accessible to everyone; many people are likely to get the most accessible experience of using this site by customizing their computer to suit their individual needs. For example: to get the site read to them, to change its color scheme, or increase the size of its fonts.

If that sounds like it would be useful to you, we recommend you visit the excellent BBC My Web, My Way(External link) site. It is a comprehensive resource with videos of how these customizations might suit you and covers topics such as personalizing the web settings for people with:

  • impaired or no vision
  • impaired or no hearing
  • language difficulties
  • difficulties using a mouse