Other Core Activities

Other Core Activities

The following activities are either shape the functioning of the Transportation Council itself or is part of the core planning function for the Capital Region. Click the links below to review the latest version of the documents. 


Coordinated Public Transit Human Services Transportation Plan

Identifies transportation needs of people with disabilities, older adults, and people with low income, provides strategies for meeting these needs, and prioritizes transportation services for funding and implementation.

Congestion Management Process 2023 Update

Congestion Management Process

Articulates a process for identifying, measuring, and addressing regional congestion and evaluating strategy effectiveness.

Environmental Justice/Title VI Analysis

Environmental Justice/Title VI Analysis

An evaluation of the Transportation Council’s planning projects and programs to ensure that benefits of transportation planning are fairly distributed, and any negative impacts are not disproportionally high on defined marginalized groups.

PPP Cover Page

Public Participation Plan

Articulates the baseline standards for outreach, public engagement, and communication for the Transportation Council’s meetings and planning activities.

2022-2027 TIP document appendix

Air Quality Conformity Analysis

The analysis of regional air quality and how new projects using federal funds will affect it under the Clean Air Act. This document accompanies the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (the In Motion Plan) and the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) or significant revisions of either. The most recent can be found in the 2022-2027 TIP document appendix.

Schematic of the Performance Based Planning and Programming process

Performance Management

Federal Law established a performance- and outcome-based transportation program in MAP-21 and later the FAST Act. The objective is for States and transit agencies to invest resources in projects that collectively make progress toward the achievement of national goals. The Transportation Council, as a Metropolitan Planning Organization, is required to coordinate with the state and transit agencies through its planning and programming activities to assist the state in meeting its goals.